My name is Ashlynn if you already don't know. I have 4 sisters, Laura, Alexis, Alynda, and Jessica. I also have one brother named Alec. I have one cat named General Pride. I know it's so funny,shes all black and has an orange mark on her forhead. My moms name is Kimberly. My step dads name is Bobby.My best friends are Brette, Tara, Morgan and Jenna I love to read and write stories! I'm in color guard for the marching band. My biome is tropical rainforest. The animal that would discribe best would be a green and black dart frog. i picked this animal beacuse its jumpy just like me!
Green and Black Poison Dart Frog
Green and Black Poison Dart Frog
Climate Facts About My Biome
*Tropical rainforests need alot of rain. The water is what makes the rainforest so dense.
*Tropical rainforests grow in low pressure zones along the equator.
*The temperature ranges from 21°C to 45°C and 125 to 660 cm of rainfall yearly
*The temperature changes little during the day or durnig the whole year.
*tropical rainforests cover only about 7% of earths land surface.
Animal adaptation facts
*Beacuse there are so many creatures living in the rainforest there is a great deal of competition for food, sunlight and space.
*Half of earths species are found in rainforests.
*abundant wildlife; very high species diversity.
*insects,and aorboreal(tree dwelling) mammals,such as monkeys,abound
*many animals are specialized to feed on just 1 or 2 foods.

Plant adaptation facts

*Many species of trees, vines, and epiphytes, lots of woody plants, and very little underbrush
*tropical rainforests have high canopies that block sunlight from the plants below
*plant biomass for a given area is generally higher than in other biomes
*plants are arranged in a complex, layered forest structure from emergents to canopy to the understory to the forest floor
*there is very little decaying leaf matter on the forest floor.