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WEll I love myy school it awsome. lol.I have four dogs two of them are named after food thats Chilie and Cookie I have two others thats Shelby and Annie.I have a cat her name is Carbin.I live wayyy out in the country its awsome I gett to do a lot of things.My life is hard right now because my dads in prison.=( but i have my mom but she is in and out of the hosbital alot. I have 30 half brothersand sisters thats alot!!! lol. I have a lot of friends like Dillon, Shelby~Alissa=), Payton Nicole,Tayna, Carley, Alexis,Kelsea,Brette, Billy, and myy"SISSY" Hanna=). Thats not all!!!!!!!! Nott even close!!=) Well thats a few things about mee!!!!=)

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The reason i picked this animal is because siberian tigers can run fast, and they can be mean and vishious like mee.


  1. Some animals migrate to warmer places once the cold weather begins.

  2. Some animals have adapted to life in the taiga by hibernating when temperatures drop.

  3. Other animals have adapted to the extreme cold temperatures by producing a layer of insulating feathers or fur to protect them from the cold

  4. the adaptation of a seasonal change in color of feathers or fur protects the animal from its predators. The ermine is a small mammal it is a good example of my adaptation. Its dark brown summer coat changes to white in the winter whem its cold. This adaptation helps the ermine blend into its surroundings and makes it more difficult for the ermine's predators to spot them.So they wont get eaten as fast!!=)

  5. Most of them migrate to nearby areas during the snowfalls and food scarcity.

a taiga Diorama


Taiga Climate Adaptations

  1. The taiga receives about 20 inches of precipitation per year.
  2. Fewer than 4 months have an average temperature over 50 F.
  3. The taiga biome only covers 11 percent of the total surface area of the planet, it happens to be the largest of the terrestrial biomes on the Earth.
  4. Winter, with it's freezing cold temperatures, lasts or 6 to 7 months.
  5. Summer is a rainy, hot and short season in the taiga.

Taiga Plant Adaptations
  1. many trees are evergreens so that plants can photosynthesize right away when temperatures rise
  2. many trees have needle-like leaves which shape loses less water and sheds snow more easily than broad leaves
  3. waxy coating on needles prevent evaporation
  4. needles are dark in color allowing more solar heat to be absorbed
  5. many trees have branches that droop downward to help shed excess snow to keep the branches from breaking.


(:Food chain:)

00224_berries_2560x1600.jpgtothumbnailCAK3VX0N.jpg toWolverine+87064.jpg to Arctic-Fox-on-Sea-Ice-456201.jpg

Berries give energy to the carabou. then the carabou gives energy to the wolverine, then the wolverine gives energy to the artic fox!!!
then thats how the energy tranfers!!!!!