Hi my name is Austin Ellis im 13 years old. i'm not very athletic but i play sports anyway i play basketball baseball football and im doing track this spring. i have a few friends but my best friends are kayla Sharier, Cory Shaw ,Cole Lillibridge, Ace mcfarland, david burkholder(bumgardener) ,William thornsburg(willy-t). and theres a few more

external image fennec-desertfox.jpg

I chose the fennec fox because it has big ears and uses them to radiate heat and they use them to locate there prey.

Climate Facts
  • in the hottest month the desert can be 135 degrees farenheit
  • deserts can be at freezing pionts in the night
  • recieve less than 25 cm of rain a year

animal facts
  • animals like camels have a special set of eye lids to protect their eyes
  • they stay in the burrows during the day to stay cool
  • the animals that stay out during the day have learned to stay in the shade

plant facts
  • some plants have long roots to reach water in the ground
  • they don't open their pores until night so they don't waste water
  • plants get moisture from fogs that come to the desert

producer(cactus) ------------------>herbivore(spider beetle)------------>omnivore(lizard)------------>carnivore(fennec fox)