Hi my name is Ashley Espenschied, I will tell you somethings about me. my famliy members are my brother Brodie, my mother Marcia, and my father Matthew. I have step syblings too, my step mother Darling, my two step brothers Austin, and Gage, my step sister Josie, my step father Mike, and my step brother Anthony. My favorirte sports are basketball, and softball.I have many friends but my five best friends are Samantha W, Makayla B, Erika M, Hanna M, and Brittany L. I have six pets that live in one house with us. My dogs names are Shyann, Mowglimoo, Myron, Cyrus, and Clea. And i have one cat and her name is Wicket. A fact about me is that I love texting and hanging out with all of my friends.One wild animal that discribes me is a bat because when I dont have school I love to sleep all day and stay up all night.

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  • Tropical rainforest recive an average of 200cm or some get 600cm of fain a year.
  • The average temperture is about 25 degrees C between night and day.
  • Tropical rainforest are warm and wet.
  • Some rainforest have some dry months and some wet, but some have all wet months.

Animal adaptation
  • Monkeys use their tail to swing from tree to tree so they dont have to go near their predator at the ground.
  • Some animals change color to blend into their back round to hide from their predator.
  • Some animals like jaguar's are fast so they can cetch up to their prey.

Plant facts
  • Rainforest plants live in a warm humid enviorment.
  • There are 20,000 varieties of orchid found in the rainforest.
  • Leaves have to be large to get as much sunlight as possible.

Food Chain

Insects Frogs Dunnarts Feralcats