My name is Austin Jennings. My family is ok but when you are on my mom bad side you will regret it. I got a dad that likes fishing and like gorrillas. My sister is nice sometimes and she likes twilight books and she likes reading books and I got a cat. His name is Ozzie. I like to play baseball and football. When i play football I play 2 hand tape because my back hurts when I play football. i got a cat and a dog that lives with me dad. My favorit color is green because green is cool. my favorit food is hot dogs and pbj. I went to 6 flages and the zoo on 3/22/11 to and I went to the zoo in Columbus on 2/5/10 and I like reading novels.
Black-tailed Prarie Dog
Black-tailed Prarie Dog
I'm like a Black-tailed Prairie Dog because he lke to socialize and I do too. They will stop what there doing and start talking just like me.

animal adaptations

  • Some animals, such as bison, have broad, flat-topped teeth and digestive systems especially adapted to feed on grasses.
  • Many prairie animals have front legs and paws that allow them to burrow into the ground, where they are protected from predators.
  • Many prairie animals are adapted for nocturnal life; that is, they are active at night, which helps conceal their presence from predators.
  • The color of many prairie animals blends in with the plant life, which also helps them hide from predators.


General Characteristics

  • The climate typically consists of warm, wet summers followed by cold, dry winters with heavy frosts.
  • Vegetation is dominated by grass species with many bulbous plants.
  • Shrubs and trees are restricted by fire and frost to protected kloofs and rocky areas
  • The topography is characterized by rolling hills and valleys.
  • They are generally found at either high altitudes or high latitudes.
  • They are often characterized by the presence of many wetlands.

plants adaptations

  • The growing point of many prairie plants is underground, where it can survive fire and regrow.
  • Prairie grasses have narrow leaves that lose less water to evaporation than broad, flat leaves lose.
  • Prairie plants have roots that extend downward for as much as 3.5 meters and form networks to absorb moisture during dry periods.
  • Brightly colored flowers attract pollinators such as bees, wasps, and birds.

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