Hi, my name is Annie. I'm 13 years old and I am a Christmas Eve baby. ; ) My parents are Jon and Tammy. My dad works for the ODA and my mom is a realastate agent. I have an older brother Coy, he and I actually share a birthday we are exactly 3 years and 3 hours apart...kinda freaky! : ) I play sports. My main sport is basketball, I play AAU which is where you travel around and play the best of th best. My team is Ohio Express and I'm number 34....It's really fun, I like my coaches and my teamates are great!! : ) Some other things I do is show steers. Last year I got Grand Champion at thee fair, I've had a champion in some aspect of the show ever since I started and I've been showing for 5 years now!! : ) I live on a farm we have 2 show steers, 2 horses, 4 chickens, 1 rooster (hes mean!!) 3 goats, 3 dogs and oh almost forgot THOUSANDS of pigs!!!!!! My family owns a huge hog barn. : ) Some bonus facts about me are that my favorite colors are blue, pink and purple. Favorite foods? Hmmm tough one : ) I love my family and best friends. Some of these friends are Julia, Lauren, Talena, Jayde, Shyann, Nick, Jenna, Cal and a lot more! ; ) An animal from my desert biome that I am kinda like is the dingo. I think I am because I'm an indivitual. I am protective of friends and family, and I'm bold and defiant. : )

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Some interesting facts about my desert climate are...

  • The wetest desert does not get more than 10 inches of rain per year.

  • A deserts climate can not support much vegataion.

  • A desert may go some years without any rain at all but some get rainfall every year.

  • Those that get rainfall every year is still counted as a desert because the region loses more water than what water it gained.

  • The desert only has 2 seasons summer and winter, but for their winter it just gets cooler.

  • All months have about average temperatures of 64 degress F.

  • Soils in the desert are very course and rocky.

Animal Adaptations

  • Many desert birds do not stay in the desert year round, for different birds it's different times they leave. This is because some desert animals can only handle their rage of temperature.

  • For most animals they adapt to desert heat by being active at night, the sun goes down and it becomes much cooler for animals.

  • Desert insects tap into plants to obtain water, birds will also do this.

  • Smaller desert animals will burrow below the surface to stay cool during the day.

  • To obtain water animals will either go under ground, or like the turkey buzzard get water from animals they eat. For most though it's just drinking water they can find.


Plant Adaptations

  • Some plants survive by alerting their physical structures, this is called xerophytes this means most plants usually have special means on conserving water.

  • Plants like cacti have special tissues that help conserve water, they are called succulent plants.

  • Other plants roots are extremely long by having long roots water is easy to get this is called phreatophytes.

  • A few desert plants are only seasonal which means wants their season ends they die and will regrow next year.

  • Many desert plants do not have leaves they have spikes. This is because leaves help plants lose water so when a desert plant has spikes it avoids transpiration.

Food Chain

external image 120-4241-galleta-grass.jpg Desert plant (producer)

external image 120-cottontail-690f.jpg Desert Rabbit (consumer)

external image 120-coyote-7131.jpgDesert Coyote (predator)


· The wettest desert does not get more than 10 inches of rain per year!
· The desert has average temperatures of 64 degrees F year round!
· The desert only has two seasons’ summer and winter it does not snow in the winter though!

Tombstone, Arizona
Cairo, Egypt
Jerusalem, Israel
Tuscany, Italy
El Paso, Texas
Tucson, Arizona

If you go to Arizona you can visit many places. Tombstone Arizona is filled with haunted places, if your into the paranormal that is the place for you. Other places like Tucson Arizona has an amazing zoo/museum for you to visit. Tuscany Italy is amazing defiantly a go to place!
The desert has many amazing places to see and visit what desert will you go to?