Hi my name is Ace and today im going to talk about me. Well im twelve I like food especially spicy food. I love AC/DC I also like Madison. My favorite thing to do is fish, play games, and watch T.V. My moms name is Lynn shes shorter than me. I like facebook I live in oh and thats about it...

Ace i love yewww<3



i choose the jaguar because its cool and will bite when you get too close haha like me....

Jaguar, photo courtesy of rainforestanimals.net
Jaguar, photo courtesy of rainforestanimals.net


  • Animals adapt to the environment like we adapt.
  • Poisonous frogs give off high amounts of poison to live when they are attacked by a predator.
  • Jaguars have sharp teeth and claws they are sometimes very vicious they use these teeth and claws to catch pray(jagaurs are also very fast).
  • Charmelions are camofloudge..being camofloudge means you blend in with things.
  • A charmelian and a gecko can actually change thier color.
  • Being poisonous like snakes and some frogs will keep predators away.
  • That is all I have to say about adaptions.


This Graph Represents Manaus,Brazil it is a rainforest city.Here are some climate facts about Manaus and Rainforests in general.

  • A rainforest gets 250cm of rain per year to about 450 cm per year. Thats 80 inches over 6 foot of rain!
  • The avg temperature is 77 degrees F during the day in a tropical rainforest.
  • The temperature in a rain forest rarely gets higher than 93 F or drops below 68 F.
  • Rainforests now only cover about 6% of Earth.
  • There are four layers of the rainforest the Emergent, Upper Canopy, Understory, and Forest Floor.
  • Rainforests barely ever have dry seasons.

  • Roots spread out so the plants don’t fall down.

  • Poisonous leaves kill animals trying to eat them.

  • Some plants change color to look like the trees it is growing on.
  • Vines Climb around trees and grow thorns.

  • Strangling figg kills their host by blocking off sunlight.

  • Trees shed bark, ants eat the bark and toxins to get ride of Epiphytes.

  • Plants can also pump poison into the ground to kill other plants.

  • Some like the figg can bind to other trees.


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