My name is Billy xD

Ok , some things about me... i have two dogs , one Dixie and another Minni . (My Mom named them not me)

Im an athlete, I play Football and run Track for Ridgewood Middle School.

Im in 7th Grade and im 13 years young , haha. That made me sound like a girl.

Some of my favorite hobbies are Bmx and I love to run , workout and talk.

I also live in the country so , Yee-Haw!

Im a COD Mw2 Destroyer and Quickscoper , I'll nuke you.

I also absolutely love the Dead Space series.

So, thats a little about me .

My best friends are Brice, Cole, Nick, Dillion,Chase brandon henson

and Travis  , KAYLA SHARIER:) ,Paige Patterson AlL!3 d0B$oN, Brittany Bradford and Laura Crawdad
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I chose this animal , the Wolverine because its curious , daring and tough.

Its a very tenacious animal. Its the largest of the Weasel family, although it resembles a bear.

Its an omnivore but plants and seed make up a small amount of its diet. It's Prefered food-Meat.

It's a very stocky animal and is equipped perfectly for the wilderness, It has padded feet for swimming

 and It's fur is water resist as well as cold resistant, making it perfect for the Taiga Biome.

Taiga Facts:

  • Winter lasts for six or seven months.

  • Taiga Summers are short and hot.

  • Receives 12 to 30 inches of rain per year. (35-80 CM )

Wolverine Adaptations:

1.Wolverine have strong sharp teeth that help them crush bones.

2.It's head, shoulder and neck muscles are well devoloped , making it excellent at hunting.

3. Wolverines living further north may be bigger than the south because its colder and they adapt to harsh living.

4.Fur has white stripes helping them blend in with surroundings.

5.Depending on the season , the Wolverine changes its diet.

Plant Adaptations:

  • Many trees are evergreen so that plants can photosynthesize right away when temperatures rises.

  • Many trees have needle like leaves which shape loses less water and sheds snow more easily than broad leaves do.

  • Waxy coating on needles prevent evaporation.

My Food Chain Billy : Taiga

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