Hi my name is Brittany Bradford
Im 12 years old. My parents are Amber shingleton, and Brian Bradford.
I also have 2 sisters and one brother.
 There names are Kiana, Ashley, and Kadin
I play two sports which are volleyball and softball. 
 I have many best friends which are Jaedyn Wentz, Laura Crawford, Paige Patterson, ,
Emilie Wesney,Kayla sharier,Peyton Slusser, Garrett Foster,Kyle Bethel, Kasey Bethel, Nick Addy, Brice Hammond, and Billy Bailey.
My favorite colors are lime green and purple.

Im a very crazy child and im fun to be around. That is just a few facts about me. (:

external image giraffe.jpg
I chose this anmial becasue it is tall and cute just like me (:


Grassland climate:
1. In the summer air temperatures are very high. It may get up too 113 degrees.
2.The winters are very cold. The temperature gets down to -49 degrees.
3.It is a generally dry climate. Which is very windy.
4.The grassland may have droughts that last for weeks,months, and years.
5.Rainfall can be as much as 8 to 39 in, in a year.
6. Rates of evaporation are very high, so the soil gets very little rain.

Animal Adaptations:
1.Animals have many different adaptations. Such as a bison, they have flat-topped teeth and digestive systems.
2.An animal such as a ferret, have front legs and back paws to help them burrow into the ground. Which helps them hide from their
3. Many animals are nocturnal, like a bat. This helps them find food with out, being seen as well by there predators.
4. Another animal adaption is the color of the animal. Most animals blend in with the plants around them.

Plant Adaptations:
1.Plants like the grass of a grassland have very flexible stems to help them bend wiht the wind.
2.A varitey of trees have very strong bark to protect them from the forest fires.
3.The grassland has many forestfires., the pants can grow back very easy with the soil around them.
4. Grasses are adapted to hot and dry areas, so they have narrow leaves that lose less water then bigger leaves.