Hi! My name is Brette Garber. I'm 13 years old. I have a mom(Lori), a dad(Todd), and a younger brother(Ryan). I also have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a rabbit, and LOTS of cows. I live on a dairy farm. I'm in the Ridgewood Marching Band, track, and 4-H. My best friend is Kelsea Gallagher. My favorite things to do are listen to music, talk, and hang out with my friends.I LOVE music, especially pop. My favorite singer is Lady Gaga. Well, thats about all that i have to say,bye!:)

I chose the cheetah as the animal that represents me best because it is in my biome(grassland),and I like their print.

Facts about a grasslands climate:

-the climate is very dry and windy
-the temperature varies from 113 degrees in the summer to -49 degrees in the winter
-the climate is generally hot in the summer and cold in the winter
-the climate is like desert conditions
-the climate is temperate

Animal adaptations:

-some animals like giraffes have long necks to see over grass and to feed off of tall trees
-some animals like bison have broad, flat-topped teeth to feed on grass
-some animals like the wart hog have good camouflage to hide from predators
-some animals eat from different parts of a tree, for example, zebras eat from the top half of a tree leaving the gazelles to eat what is left
-animals that live in grasslands have to adapt to a dry, windy climate

Plant Adaptations:

-roots of grasses extend deep into the gound to absorb as much moisture as possible
-many plants take advantage of the windy climate for pollenation
-soft stems enable grass to bend without breaking when wind blows
-long roots prevent animals from pulling plants out of the ground
-grasses have narrow leaves that lose less water than broad leaves

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grass -----> rabbits -----> foxes -----> moon bears