Hi my name is Brice Hammond and my family is very fun we like to hunt and shoot things.I dont have any pets anymore because my dog willie died in the winter=(.My favorite is food pizza and i smother it in ranch.I have alot of friends but ill just name a couple and a few of them are ELIZABETH CHEYENNE,NICK,COLE,BOBBY,BILLY,and ETHAN.All my friends play football just like me but i also play basketball and baseball.The animal i chose is a fat mouse because they are funny just like me.

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ANIMAL FACTS.Tundra animals have alot of fetures to help them survive but here is some of them.
  • Animals have thick fur for the cold.
  • Animals have white fur for camoflauge in the winter.
  • Some have large furry feet to keep them warm.
  • Animals have short tails so they dont realease heat.
  • Animals have extra layers of fat to stay warm.

  • In the summer there is 20 to 24 hours of daylight.
  • 6 to 10in of rain each year.
  • Sumer lasts 6 to 10 weeks.
  • Tundra is permanently covered with snow.
  • Never gets warmer than 40 or 50 degrees.
  • In the winter there is 20 to 24 hours of dakrness.
  • Permafrost stops trees from growing their roots.

  • Some plants have fungi to help the structure.
  • The snow coating pretects the plants from the cold.
  • Plants stay low to be protected from the wind.
  • Some plant have dark colors to absorb heat.
  • Has small leaves to retain moisture

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