My Name Is (Brittany Harding) , My Birthday is in Dec 6 ,1996 and ima 14 years old (: I Have two Brothers names are Joe and Kodey and two step Brothers names are Joey and Brian and one step Sister name is Sara she lives out of state so i dont see her that much :/ , My Dogs Name is lucy She Is A good dog sometimes . I really dont have a Favorite teacher their are mean :/ .. im playing softball this will be my first time hope it goes well (: . i like to walk around with my friends stay places and play sports(: . My Favorite color is pink and black , Food i like best is pizza<3, My Favorite animals are zebra and cute little puppies <3(:!!!My Best Friends are Hanna Marie Shes Been my best friend since we were little i can tell her anything we hangout all da time and we like ggoing places with eachgether(: we have our fights but we get over them alsooo<3(: , Shyann Nicole We've Been friends ever since 6th grade i can tell her anything and we are always together , we are very very best friends and we dont fight over stupid little things haha (: , Jensen Nicole We fight over stupid stuff but we get over it and we cant stop being friends and we always hangout together i love hurr to death(: , Shelby Smith We always use to hangout now we are friends again(: Courtney Haper is a really good friend she will do anything for you like a best friend would(: . Kayla Jean is pretty funniii and cool to hangout with (: Katie Smith i just started to be her friend and she is a very nice friend she is cool to talk too(: , Dillon Gossett he is my best friend we hangout all da time and he is like a brother to me i can tell him anything(: , Travis Vickers we knew each gether when we were n frist grade(:Billy Bailey is pretty nice to hangout with(: This is About Me And My friends this is why i come to skool(: i hope you liked itt hahaha <3 (:

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external image 35.jpgi picked this because they are loveable and stuff and cute just like me..(:
  • A newborn serval kitten is blind and tiny.
  • Weighing only 1/2 ib. or one-fortieth of its adult size.
  • The eyes open at about nine days after birth.
  • Appears rather gray compared that of an adult serval.

  • Tundra gets 10in or less of rain/snow per year.
  • Summer are short from may and july.
  • Its day lights over 20 hour per day in summer.
  • Winters are long and cold with over age from 10 to 20 degrees.


  • Plants grow close together and low to the ground.
  • A small leaf structure is another physical adaptation.
  • Plants also have adapted to the arctic tundra by developing.
  • Plants lose water through their leef surface.

  • Migration and hibernation.
  • Extra fur.
  • Extra fat under the skin