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external image 8_polarbearcub.jpgI chose the baby polar bear because it looks just so sweet and innocent ;}.

The tundra is a unique climate region (or biome) on Earth, characterized by its cold dessicated climate and harshness to living things. Alpine and antartic tundra are rarer, and the artic tundra ic considered its own seperate biome.

Tundra Food Chain
Tundra Food Chain

Climate facts :
  1. The Tundra climate consists of only two seasons: winter and summer.
  2. The average temperatures range from -28 Degrees Celsius (-18.4 Degrees Fahrenheit) to -50 Degrees Celsius (-58 Degrees Fahrenheit).

  1. The interesting part about the Tundra Climate is that it is quite windy, with winds that blow upwards of 30 to 60 miles per hour

Animal adaptations:
    1. short and stocky arms and legs
    2. thick, insulating cover of feathers or fur.
    3. color changing feathers or fur: brown in summer, and white in winter
    4. thick fat layer gained quickly during spring in order to have continual energy and warmth during winter months.

Plant adaptations:
  1. Tundra plants can grow at temperatures 15ºC to 20ºC (27ºF to 36ºF) which is cooler than any other plant in the world.
  2. Small and low growing plants are also a characteristic of tundra plants.
  3. This is because of the lack of nutrients found in the soil.
  4. Also being close to the dark, warmth, absorbent soil helps to keep plants from freezing.
  5. Plants are also dark and hairy
  6. The darkness of their flesh absorbs solar heat, and the hair helps to trap the heat and keep it close to the surface of the plant.
  7. . The warmer the plant the faster they grow.
  8. Some plants also grow in clumps in order to break harsh winds and protect each other from the cold.
  9. These plants also stay warmer because more of the plant is exposed to the sun.