My name is Brandon Weingarth and i am 14 years old. I have a younger brother and a younger sister, my hobbies are collecting airsoft guns, groundhog hunting with my grandad, fighting in real airsoft battles, and goin on dates with my girlfriend. i have a few pets three german rotweilers (dogs) and a taco bell dog (chiuauah). there is one thing im really, well better than mostly anyone at its telling the history of world war 2 in fact i know more about that war than anyone else.
snake.jpgi chose a snake beacause theyre like me im normbiome_graph1_2848_image001.gif


  • my animal a snake living the skorching desert cant find as much food so it adapts by lowering its diet most snakes will eat one mouse or rat and then wait weeks at a time before they have to eat again.
  • camels need water to survive sence theres almost no water camels drink alot of water at one time then store in there humpbacks for weeks until there next drink
  • elephants store water in there trunks for weeks at a timewhich is a good thing sence theres almost no water

climate facts

  • the climate in the desert is always very hot and almost never gets any rain in fact the sahara desert gets barely 10 inches of rain in a year.
  • due to the high temperature climate theres not much plant life.