This week;

1 Research your biome and find several large cities (write them down) that belong to the biome.
Use the science resource page World Climate . Com and plug in the names of the cities to find monthly average Rainfall in cm
and monthly average high temperatures in [[March 28th - April 1st#|degrees]] C.

PICK ONE CITY. Record the average rainfall and average high temperature in a spreadsheet. Then put the information in a double bar graph and
copy and paste it to your page.

2. Put 3-5 facts about the climate of your biome on your page.

3. Reseach the animals of your biome. Put a picture of two animals which live in your biome on the group page.

4. Put 3-5 facts about animal adaptations on your page. These adaptations should relate to ways the animal survives in this biome.

5. Research the plants of your biome. Put a picture of a plant from your biome on the group page.

6. Put 3-5 facts about plant adaptations on your page.

7. Get a blank world biome map from Mrs. Cabot. Shade in the biomes and create a key.

8. Create a food chain using pictures of plants and animals from your biome. Post this on your page.